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Solar Energy

Solar Energy is technically known as “Photo Voltaic Energy“. “Photo” means “Light” and “Voltaic” implies to “Electricity” thus meaning producing electricity through Light.

Photovoltaics systems are those systems which produce electricity directly through sunlight.They produce Clean and reliable energy without consuming any fossil fuel and will be widely used as the awareness spreads to Governments,who in the wake of Industrialization has done a greater harm to our Mother Earth’s Environment.

In 1880, Charles Fritts invented the first selenium based solar Electric Cell and it was in Research books till 1905, when Albert Einstein offered the explanation to “Photo Electric Effect” and his theories led to a greater understanding to mankind to develop Solar Electricity , which is still in the very nascent stage of development.

In the early 1950’s , the NASA started utilizing the values of arming their spacecrafts with solar Energy and now after seventy years, the dreams of reaching solar energy to every house looks a visible dream in this century.

Solar energy is produced from Solar Panels, which one would have seen becoming a common site today.These panels further use Silicon Cells, which is Produced from Sand (Silica) and one would be astonished to know that that one ton of sand can manufacture as much electricity which is produced from burning 500,000 Tons of burning coal…so one can imagine how mankind has wasted the resources as well as polluted our environment and caused destruction in terms of lung diseases,cancer and so on.

The demand of Solar Energy till 2030 will reach to about 100 billion dollars as per conservative estimates and it will provide ample opportunities in terms of not only employment but also in bringing a clean change to our environment thankfully.

We at “Aakriti Solar” intend to provide tutorials not only to our fellow countrymen but also to people engaged in this profession through this section and our “Newsletters” about the latest development in this wonderful technology.

We also intend to provide spare parts, equipment,molds and moldings to manufacture application equipment in this field including the electronic circuitry in near future so that our country can keep pace with other Nations in this technology.

So please stay tuned in.

Aakriti Solar Pvt. Ltd.

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