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200mm Traffic Light Aspect – Red (Full Ball)

“Xtreme” offers both contemporary and intelligent Traffic control systems for City roads, State Highways or National Highways.


200mm Traffic Light aspects ( full ball) is made out of Industrial Virgin natural Poly carbonate to give full transparency to your traffic Lights used at Metro Stations, Road side traffic Lights and other uses.

Specifications of 100 mm Traffic Light Aspects-Amber (full Ball)

  • Front: Poly carbonate Transparent
  • Back: Poly carbonate Black color
  • Size: front Diameter 100 mm

Leds: 63 Nos, 5 mm Led transparent in Red Color 8000-10000 mcd.Encapsulated in Convex lens.
: or as required, 90 Nos , 5mm Transparent Leds without encapsulation.

  • Works on 12Volts DC or 24 V D.C as required.
  • Complies to IP 65 /IP 68 , with Insulation Gasket.
  • Also Available in Red, Green, White Color as required
  • OEM Order Accepted, MOQ 250 Nos.
Traffic Light Traffic Light Traffic Light
Model JD12-3-X2 FX12-3-X2 RX12-2-X2
Color Traffic Light Traffic Light Traffic Light Traffic Light Traffic Light Traffic Light Traffic Light Traffic Light
Wave length (nm) 625±5 590±5 505±5 625±5 590±5 505±5 625±5 505±5
Number of LEDs 168 65 80 78
Power Consumption (W) ≤10 ≤10 ≤14 ≤7 ≤7 ≤8
Intensity (cd) ≥800 ≥4000/m² ≥4000/m²
Visual Angle (°) 30 30 30


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